Recall your elementary school days and consider how you first experimented with water & oil mixtures. You’re also aware that oil floats on the surface of water but does not mix with it. Cannabidiol aka CBD oil has a similar effect. CBD oil is hydrophobic, which means it doesn’t mix well with water. As a result, it resists absorption by the bloodstream and allows cannabinoids flow through the body up to 90%. CBD that is water soluble is one of the most fast acting and simple to use forms of CBD products. So, what is water soluble CBD and how it can increase bioavailability ? In this article we will cover all of that.

One of the most recent developments in the CBD marketplace is water-soluble CBD. When CBD is formulated as water soluble substance such as Nano emulsion, Micro emulsion or Liposomal compounds, it is more homogenous with liquids. Water soluble CBD is aiding to activate the cannabinoid’s true potential by making it more efficient and flexible. In contrast traditional CBD does not fully dissolve in water. In this article, we will provide a complete guide to water soluble CBD.

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Let’s begin with cannabis first. Typically ‘cannabis plants’ is used as a blanket term for marijuana plants and hemp plants. That’s why these terms are often used interchangeably. Higher THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and lower CBD (Cannabidiol) concentrations are present in marijuana plants along with other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. The above mentioned two compounds can also found in hemp plants, but with lower presence of THC along with higher CBD presence.

water soluble CBD

Additionally, cannabinoids such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) are hydrophobic oily compounds which aren’t always readily mixable with water. Making CBD products water soluble usually involves splitting cannabinoids into tiny particles, such as ions or molecules and then integrating them into water. An agent or emulsifier is used in water soluble CBD molecules as coating. Which stabilize and hold them submerged in water. CBD molecules can propagate more quickly in water, thanks to smaller CBD particle sizes.

Our human body gain maximum advantages from CBD molecules dissolved in water in this manner. Since the human body is made of up to 60% water, it logically follows that the more water soluble a substance is, the easier for our body to absorb and consume it.

What Is Nano CBD Exactly?

Nano CBD is one of the latest in CBD market. The term ‘Nano CBD’ is typically related with ‘Water soluble CBD’. CBD of such kind boasted to be more efficient and bioavailable (the rate at which a nutrient is accessible for the body to utilize) than most other CBD formulas.

Nano is an abbreviation for Nanometer, which is one billionth of a meter (1 nanometer=1/1,000,000,000th of a meter). The particle size of our Nano-emulsified CBD is smaller than 1 Micron (100nm). Nanotechnology is used to make water soluble CBD.

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How Water-Soluble Nano CBD Produced?

In nanotechnology, ultra sound waves are used to disintegrate CBD compounds into smaller particles. These micro-sized particles shrink to the point that they may dissolve in water. Before you reduce the size of a CBD clump, keep in mind it’s an oil that rests on the water surface. That means first your body must process CBD oils prior to using them. As a result, effects take longer time to reflect.

By nanotechnology, CBD clumps are reduced to a minute size (less than 100 nanometers). A Nanometer is one billionth of a meter (1 nanometer=1/1,000,000,000th of a meter). These nano CBD particles are so tiny that they can blend quickly with water.

These nano CBD particles not only reduce our body’s tasks, but they also increase the CBD particle’s absorbability. Water soluble CBD has up to five times more bioavailability than regular CBD oil.

Is Bioavailability of Water Soluble CBD Maximum?

It’s important to consider CBD’s bioavailability in order to truly recognize the advantages of water soluble CBD. The amount of any substance that enters our blood vessels is known as bioavailability. CBD in it’s conventional oil form is resilient to absorption into the blood streams, delaying the user’s optimum experience.

The mechanism known as the first-pass effect often prevents oral CBD products from reaching the blood streams. Since it cannot directly pass into the bloodstream when taken as an oil. The compound’s effect significantly decreases before it spreads into our body’s ECS (Endocannabinoid Systems) properly. Bioavailability also suffers when there is a reduction in product’s concentration.

How Does Water-Soluble Nano CBD Work?

Since CBD is an oil, it is naturally “hydrophobic,” which means it does not mix well with water. Water soluble CBD product that is “hydrophilic,” mixes well with water. Since our bodies are nearly 60% water, CBD oil that is water soluble has a higher bioavailability. With optimum bioavailability, you even have a more versatile product that helps you to enjoy the same advantages of CBD at a quicker rate.

This one nanotechnology method helps us to make CBD particles so tiny that millions of them might fit on the head of a pin. Now these tiny particles can be absorbed more quickly without break down. As a result, it increases the rate of absorption and consumption of CBD by the body.

By using nanotechnology, we are able to expand the contact area of the CBD molecule by dividing one particle into millions of smaller particles, significantly increasing bioavailability and absorption. CBD Hemp Expert’s NGBioTM Water Soluble Nano CBD products can be up to ten times more efficient than standard CBD oil products due to their water-compatible design and patented nano-emulsification technique. It also enables CBD to skip some of the digestive phase, resulting in even quicker performance.

Advantages of Water-Soluble Nano CBD

Here are a few additional advantages of Nano CBD:

How to Take Water Soluble CBD Effectively?

Whatever form you use, make sure to give the water-soluble CBD tincture a good shake before using it. Shaking the solution releases the helpful cannabinoids. It doesn’t matter how you shake as long as you have the liquid moving; we suggest having a bit of fun with it!

Taking CBD Sublingually

Basically, medicine administered under the tongue absorbed more quickly. But when you swallow anything, it takes longer to absorb into your bloodstream as it passes through your digestive tract first. With sublingual application CBD is able to bypass the sluggish digestion process and travel across the body nearly instantly thanks to the mucus membrane beneath your tongue.

CBD oils must be held under the tongue. Up to 2 minutes in order to be efficient. You may be unable to speak for a few minutes when you tongue is in an uncomfortable place. You just need to hold it 15-20 seconds in case of water soluble CBD.

Consume CBD Orally

Water soluble CBD is absorbed by the body at 90% or higher rate. That ensures, only about 10% of the advantageous cannabinoids are wasted and pass by the body via sweating or other bodily fluids. Because of this amazingly high absorption rate, many people agree that taking water soluble CBD orally is still a viable option.

Medicine taken orally is never as effective as medicine taken under the tongue. However, if you just need a small dosage, this is a good option. Water soluble CBD is four to five times more potent when taken orally than standard CBD oils consumed under the tongue. As a result, you’ll also get fast & reactive CBD effects.

Another advantage of taking CBD orally is the chance to experience the delicious flavors. While you take CBD sublingually, the flavoring and residual aftertaste are minimized. Because of your taste buds are on the tip of your tongue.

Adding CBD To Your Favorite Drink

CBD-enhanced drinks are becoming more mainstream and widely available. It’s easy to take a ready-to-drink CBD beverage and start reaping the rewards.

You can either mix water soluble CBD drops into a beverage you usually drink or buy a ready-made alternative. You will avoid forgetting your normal dosage by putting a few drops of CBD inside your morning coffee or water bottle.

Your body absorbs water-soluble CBD in the same way as it does oral drops or capsules. It travels through the digestive system, so it takes a little longer to feel the symptoms than if you used it under your tongue. Drinking, like the oral alternatives, is an ideal and safe way to consume CBD.

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