water soluble nano cbd

A Complete Guide to Water Soluble CBD | Nano CBD Explained!

Recall your elementary school days and consider how you first experimented with water & oil mixtures. You’re also aware that oil floats on the surface of water but does not mix with it. Cannabidiol aka CBD oil has a similar effect. CBD oil is hydrophobic, which means it doesn’t mix well with water. As a result, it resists absorption by the bloodstream and allows cannabinoids flow through the body up to 90%. CBD that is water soluble is one of the most fast acting and simple to use forms of CBD products. So, what is water soluble CBD and how it can increase bioavailability ? In this article we will cover all of that. One of the most recent developments in the CBD marketplace is water-soluble CBD. When CBD is formulated as water soluble substance such as Nano emulsion, Micro emulsion or Liposomal compounds, it is more homogenous with liquids. Water soluble CBD is aiding to activate the cannabinoid’s true potential by making it more efficient and flexible. In contrast traditional CBD does not fully dissolve in water. In this article, we will provide a complete guide to water soluble CBD. What is Water Soluble CBD? Let’s begin with cannabis

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broad spectrum cbd

What are the difference between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD?

CBD also known as Cannabidiol has become very popular over last few years. People using various forms of CBD products for their purported health benefits. Among all CBD users 62% use CBD products in the first place to help treat some medical conditions according to a 2018 study. Often times it is confusing for general consumers what are the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD. Which one they should pick? Manufacturers categorizes CBD products into three main types based on extraction method. full spectrum and broad spectrum are the 2 main extract type. There is another type called CBD isolate. Extract type determines the number of cannabinoids (plant extracted compound) present in a particular CBD product. In CBD isolate based items there are no other phytocannabinoids present except CBD. In broad spectrum CBD products there are some other cannabinoids present except THC. But in full spectrum products you will find CBD along with other cannabinoids and a permitted amount of THC (0.3% <) In this article we are going to discuss in brief about full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD. Which one you should choose based on your own unique need? And much more. Stay tuned. Broad Spectrum

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CBD Manufacturers

CBD Manufacturers | How to Choose the Right One?

As the demand for CBD in the retail consumer market is rising, more and more small and medium sized business owners are interested in formulating their existing product line infused with CBD. If you have to do it from scratch, then it will take a large amount of your time and money. Luckily, there are white label or private label CBD manufacturers out there who can help. Typically, a white label CBD manufacturer produces both bulk CBD distillates and finished products. They are in charge of the products’ quality control from seed to sale. By partnering with a manufacturer, you can sell their finished products with your brand logo on them, or you can purchase full spectrum CBD, CBD distillates or isolate powders in bulk. As a business owner, it is crucial for you to choose the right CBD manufacturer. If you are new to CBD, then things can be even more overwhelming. As it goes with any other industry, you have to do your own homework. When you source from a manufacturer as a B2B buyer, you are selling the products to your retail customers. As a result, the success of your CBD business will heavily depend on the

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